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Our Story

“WOW!” is the first thing most people say when they walk into Heritage House Clocks. Not a surprising reaction. Heritage House is an amazing and magical place with absolute treasures scattered throughout its 4,000 square feet. We have a staggering inventory with numerous exclusive (many one-of-a-kind) and impressive pieces. Thousands of grandfather, wall, and mantle clocks stand ready to beautifully compliment your home. Here, you will find the only comprehensive selection of music boxes in the Metroplex and a wide range of stunning gifts.

As a family-owned company we take pride in our reputation for integrity, quality of merchandise and customer service. Our goal is to offer our customers outstanding products in terms of functionality and craftsmanship; products that will become treasured heirlooms with a special place in their homes.

Craftsmanship and artistry come together

Before the store opened in 1974, owners Valentino (Val) and Glenda Marchesoni’s shared passion for quality clocks was revealed quite by surprise.

Val, an electrical engineer who loves mechanics, and Glenda, a former history teacher who has an eye for beauty, gave each other life-changing presents for the holidays. Val had designed and handcrafted an extraordinary wall clock for Glenda. She had picked out something memorable for him as well. As you can guess, she had bought a beautiful clock.

It didn’t take long—and a business was born.

The family clock business is now approaching 40 years in the Dallas area and in addition to clocks, also specializes in music boxes and other extraordinary gifts.

Today, one of Val and Glenda’s sons, Nicholas, shares the family infatuation with clocks and has become an important contributor to the overall Heritage House experience. He is not only adept at clock repair but adds a youthful perspective to buying merchandise, ensuring that there is always something for everyone.

Check out The Dallas Morning News article featuring Nicholas here.

If you love beautiful things and enjoy the idea of real craftsmanship and fine engineering you’ll be right at home at Heritage House. But be warned, you may find yourself smiling just a bit more than you had expected and staying in the store a little longer than you had planned.

Don’t worry, Val and Glenda will completely understand.