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Hermle’s mechanical clock movements:
Perfection within reach

The reason Hermle clocks are admired worldwide lies not only in their elegant design and flawless craftsmanship, but also in their unequaled inner workings: Hermle mechanical clock movements.

In addition, Hermle movements are distributed worldwide, so flawless Hermle quality can be found in clocks of other brands as well.

At the Hermle clock manufactory all parts and components are produced in house. This allows Hermle to achieve unrivalled precision in its clock movements. The production process includes highly modern CNC-mills; yet far more important are the qualifications and commitment of our production staff. Many steps of the process are still performed by hand, and this is why experience, creativity and the virtues of craftsmanship are irreplaceable.

One might think that precision craftsmanship of this level would carry a price that only the very well-off can afford. While not inexpensive, Hermle creates timepieces that are excellent values and cherished investments to enjoy for generations to come.

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